Exploring the CNC Cutting Tools- A Comprehensive Guide You Need to Know [2024]

CNC cutting tools
CNC machining is a highly utilized subtractive manufacturing technology. Computer numerical control systems offer less need for manpower and higher levels of automation. So CNC cutting tools have become important parts of CNC machining, we can see the milling bits, drills, lathe knives, etc. which act in different roles in different areas, here, we can share some features and specifications for these cutting tools.
Woodworking router tools
Milling cutters are mainly used on milling machines to process flat surfaces, steps, grooves, shape surfaces, and cut workpieces. We can call it Metal Mill cutters, Foam Mill cutters, Stone Mill cutters, and Woodworking tools according to the different working fields. Also, you can say tungsten steel, high-speed steel, PCD bits as different materials.
Stone Mill cutters
Milling bits have four specific parameters: cutting edge length, cutting edge diameter, overall length, and shank diameter.
Flutes are the channels on a milling bit. More flutes allow a slow feed rate because less material is removed.
Such as spiral bits have single-flute bits, double-flutes bits, three-flute bits, four-flute bits, six-flute bits, eight-flute bits edges, straight flute, plunge bits, double flute.
It should be noted that A. Straight bits are generally used for rough processes, not spiral bits. B. The more the number of edges of the spiral bits, the higher the surface finish of the product.
Metal Mill cutters
Metal milling bits application: tungsten steel can be used widely, it usually adapts to the coating on the bit’s surface which prolongs its applicable life, causing the coating to have better heat dissipation. There are some different coatings available to protect the tools from wear. For example, a titanium nitride coating increases the tool’s lifespan but also the cost of it.
Such a coating reduces the stickiness of the cutting material which can be a problem with aluminium. Therefore, less lubricant is necessary during the cutting process.
bullnose mill bits
Commonly used cutter types according to the bits head can be divided into end mill, ballnose, bullnose, EMR face mill.
EMR face mill
Metal Cutting Bits are specialized cutting tools designed for milling, shaping, and carving aluminum and other metals using a router. These router bits are engineered with high-quality materials and precision-cutting edges to ensure efficient and precise metal-cutting operations.
Foam Mill cutters
One point needs to be noticed: end mill bits and EMR face mill bits can be used for the rough process, ball nose and bull nose can be used for the finish process.
Also we have some inserts for metal processing.
toolholder and inserts for metal processing
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