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RicoCNC offer a wide range of accessories for CNC machines and woodworking machines: CNC tool holders/ collet chuck, CNC collets, spanner / wrench, pull stud / retention knob, pull stud grippers for cnc spindle, tool extension (SDC, T2139..), spindle test bar, spindle cone wiper, collet nut, precision locknut, toolholder tighten fixture, auto tool setter, reducer, inverter, switches, lubrication pump and block, spindles, drivers, motors, control systems, vacuum pump parts (vanes, filters, seals, bearings), linear bearing, handwheels (pulse generator), etc.
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cnc tool holder

CNC Tool Holders / Collet Chuck

CNC tool holders (also called collet chuck) for use on CNC routers and CNC machining centers with automatic tool changers. Our high precision CNC collet chucks get perfect performance in CNC routing, milling, drilling, cutting, tapping and boring. BT, CAT, HSK, ISO, SK series tool holders are available here. Precision tool holder can keep your CNC machines with excellent performance.
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cnc collet

CNC Collets

Spring collets are an essential clamping tool in the CNC machining process, high-precision CNC collets (Metric or Inches) can reduce tool and motor vibration for better machining results and extend cutter and spindle life. Our commonly used high-precision collets are ER (compatible with DR&BR&ESX&VSAC series), OZ (EOC&RDO&SYOZ), SK&SD styles, all tool collets are inspected for quality and accuracy, T.I.R. <0.0004”, used with our high precision tool holders.

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spanner wrench for CNC

Spanner / Wrench

Collet spanner wrenches are made of carbon steel for strength and are widely used for tightening and loosening clamping nuts on CNC toolholder or spindle. Black oxidized treatment and ergonomically non-slip handle design. Here are the 6 most common types for choices: C spanner hook wrench, A type spanner tool, UM spanner wrench, M router wrench, O shape collet spanner, and MS ER collet wrench. 

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tool holder pull studs

Pull Stud / Retention Knob

The function of the pull stud (also know as retention knob ) is to tighten and fix the toolholder by mechanical structure. It enables the use of toolholders on general machine, CNC machine and CNC machining centre. RicoCNC can supply different types of retention knob standard: BT, ISO, CAT, and DIN. Please pay attention to the different angle degrees (15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°) and body hardness when selecting it.

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pull stud gripper

Pull Stud Grippers for CNC Spindle

Pull stud gripper is a spindle automatically clamping device that is classified into BERG (external jaw gripper), OTT (internal jaw gripper), and ROHM (internal jaw gripper) types. RicoCNC offers a range of pull stud clamping for ISO30, HSK63F, and BT30 spindles, suitable for most woodworking spindle types. OTT, IMS, and ACROW brands are available for your high-speed and precision cutting needs.


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CNC spindle test bar

Spindle Test Bar

Spindle alignment bars (we also called spindle runout test arbors, calibration arbors, spindle test mandrels and spindle taper test bars) are used to test spindle excessive slop or axial play, regular inspection and calibration will greatly reduce excessive tool wear and breakage, ultimately reducing downtime and avoiding costly repairs. ISO, HSK, BT, CAT calibration tools are available here, welcome to inquire.

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spindle motor cone wiper

Spindle Motor Cone Wiper

The spindle motor cone cleaner is a specialized tool equipped with a soft fibre pad that gently clean up to contaminants(lubricant and debris) from the inside of the spindle without damaging the taper, maintaining optimal tool-holder contact. It prevents slippage, poor contact with the taper and premature wear of the tools. Helping to maintain machine accuracy and extend the life of spindles and cutting tools.

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Collet Nut

Collet Nut for Spindle & Toolholders

We’ve got collet nuts for all types of CNC collets, including ER and OZ collet nut (G2.5, 24000-30000RPM) for CNC router and CNC milling machine, SK and GER clamping nut(G2.5, 30000-36000RPM) for high speed cutting, an innovative dust extraction nut (G2.5, 24000PRM) is especially recommended for cutting MDF, particleboard, laminated wood, and the ER MS clamping nut for up to 60000RPM.

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Tool extension

Tool Extension

CNC tool holder extension is certainly a simple and inexpensive solution that suitable for operations where extra-long tools are required to enter deeper cavities or pockets, and where larger diameter collet holders are hard to reach surfaces. Our CNC tool extenders are widely use with ER collet chucks for CNC milling, engraving, trimming, especially for CNC router wood and foam mold making.

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precision lock nuts

Precision Lock Nuts

Precision locknuts (sometimes we referred to as bearing lock nuts and shaft locknuts) have internal threads and strong faces for adjusting, preloading, and securing bearings of ballscrews and spindles and other mechanical transmission devices to shafts and spindles for metal-to-metal locking without distortion. we have Yinsh and SKF standard locknut with flank locking, radial locknut, axial locknut, and precision clasp locknut types for your selection.

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Lubrication pump and blocks

Lubrication Pump and Blocks

Lubrication is a key factor in the efficiency and longevity of CNC motion system (linear rail, linear bearing block, ball screw). Our lubrication pumps, divider valves, and distribution blocks (collectively known as automated lubrication systems) deliver the right amount of lubricant to your moving parts at the right time and in the right place, helping to increase efficiency in overall machine performance and reduce breakdowns, downtime, and replacement costs.

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Tool Holder Tightening Fixture

Tool Holder Tightening Fixture

Tool holder locking device is a specialized tool used in CNC milling, turning, drilling machines, tool grinding machines, and robotic arms to securely tighten and loosen toolholders. Finding our range of tool holder tightening fixture such as HSK-63F, HSK-63E, HSK-63A, HSK32, HSK50, ISO30, ISO40, BT30, BT40, CAT40. It helps ensure that the tool holder is correctly positioned and aligned with the taper spindle, which is critical for precise, efficient machining. 

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linear bearings

Linear Bearings

Linear bearings are designed to emphasize both sliding performance and positioning accuracy. You can prioritise wear resistance, load capacity, precision, and stability for reliable smooth linear motion and precise positioning in CNC industry applications. We offer a variety of high-quality and cost-effective linear motion parts, including Hiwin Linear bearing block, TBI motion linear rail guides, THK linear guideways, BOSCH-REXROTH linear bearings, INA linear guide rails with balls, Schneeberge, NSK, ABBA, PMI, and more.

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limit switches for CNC

Limit Switches for CNC

The main function of the limit switch in CNC machine is to transmit a signal that prevents the axis from attempting to exceed its travel limits. limit switches offer a distinct advantage in an open-loop system and can serve a dual purpose by functioning as home switches. Choosing the right limit switch for your CNC machine is crucial for ensuring accuracy, precision, and machine safety. Here are some of the best limit switches from Schneider Electric, Balluff, BERNSTEIN, EUCHNER CPS, Omron, and Azbil brands.

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MPG handwheels

MPG Handwheels

MPG Handwheels or MPG pendants are commonly used for adjusting zero points, travel distances, speeds, and other parameters of X, Y, Z, A, B axes for CNC machines. Also used for manual operations during complex machining processes or emergency situations, as well as CNC auxiliary programmers. Our TOSOKU and Akira Seiki manual pulse generator handwheel series are compatible with FANUC, Siemens, Fagor, KND, Mitsubishi, Syntec, GSK, LNC, Weixing CNC control systems and more.

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cnc tool setter

CNC Tool Setter

CNC tool length setter or tool height sensor is an automatic tool that resetting the length or height of tools, measuring tool off-set, detecting tool wear and breakage. It is commonly used in CNC drilling, engraving and milling machines, as well as in A.T.C. (auto tool changer) CNC routers. We have NC (normal close, used with LNC, NC STUDIO, Taiwan SYNTEC system) and NO (normal open, compatible with CN board as Fanuc, OSAI, Heidenhain, Siemens, Mach3, QEM Rosetta, TwintecColibrìetc.) two models for supply.

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speed reducer gearbox

Speed Reducer Gearbox

In CNC machine systems, gear reducers are usually used in conjunction with servo motors. The motor provides power, and the speed reducer is used to adjust the output speed and torque. RicoCNC has a diverse selection of planetary reducer gearbox that are engineered to boost the efficiency of your CNC machine operations and extend the life of your motors, such as Shimpo ABLE Nidec VRSF reducer series, Newstart speed reducer, SESAME gearbox, EREFAT gear reduction box, ZD Gear heads, etc.

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cnc servo motor

CNC Servo Motor

CNC servo motors, also referred to as axis or torque motors, are a better choice for CNC machines axes motion control that need high precision, high speed, and superior torque compared to stepper motors. RicoCNC can supply many kinds of servomotors, including Yaskawa, Fuji, Panasonic, ToAuto, Schneider, shihlin, Mitsubishi, Delta servo motor and sewing machine servo ASDA Series.

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servo driver

Servo Driver

The main role of a servo drive or a servo amplifier is to amplify, transform, and regulate power according to control commands before delivering it to the servo motor. It typically controls the servo motor in three ways: position, speed, and torque, enabling precise positioning in high-accuracy drive control systems. Our servo motor dives are widely used for CNC milling machine, CNC lathe machine, ATC CNC router, CNC machining center, etc.

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spindle motors

Spindle Motors

CNC spindle motors, we also called electric spindle motors which are the products of the fusion of motors and spindles, the key technology is the dynamic balancing at high speeds. At RicoCNC, there are three types of electro-spindle motors spindles for your option: air cooled spindle for woodworking engraving, water (liquid) cooled spindle for metal, stone cutting, and ATC (automatic tool change) spindle motor for CNC machine center.

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VFD inverter

VFD Inverters

VFDs (variable frequency drives), also known as AC motor drives, AC drives, micro drives, inverters, AFDs (djustable frequency drives), adjustable speed drive, are devices that control the speed and torque of electric motors by adjusting the frequency and voltage. Our hot-selling VFD Inverters are KEB(4-008-39-XXXX), LS (SV075iG5A-4), and Omron (3G3MX2-AB007-ZV1) series for CNC machines.
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cnc controller

CNC Controller

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Controller also called CNC control system. It is the brain of the machine, read the G code, control of machine’s movement and cutting tools. For woodworking CNC routers, Richauto DSP, Weihong NcStudio, Mach 3 and Syntec widely used. For metalworking CNC center, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, NUM, LNC, Fagor widely use. RicoCNC supplies these CNC controls and control system spare parts.

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Vacuum pump parts

Vacuum Pump Parts

In the CNC industry, the most commonly used vacuum pump is rotary vane vacuum pump. When using it, the maintenance and regular replacement of vacuum pump parts, especially vacuum pump filters, vacuum pump vanes are critical, which will directly affect the operation and life of the machine, we can offer high quality original pump filters and carbon vanes from Becker for your choice.
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