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• RicoCNC is a trusted one-stop shop for woodworking tools and metal milling tools, such as CNC router bits, cnc milling bits, woodturning tools, foam mills, acrylic cutting router bits, aluminum cutting bits, edgebander cutters, saw blades and a range of accessories for woodworking and CNC machines.
• After 10 years’ development, RicoCNC toolings had been exported to more than 120 countries, more than 5000 clients worldwide.
• Only supply high quality machine tools for Biesse, Homag, IMA, CR Onsrud, DMS, Flexicam, Multicam, Anderson, Busellato, Thermwood, Holz-Her, Felder, Doosan, HAAS, DMG, Mikron, etc.
• RicoCNC a reliable global supplier makes woodworking machine tools purchasing cheaper, faster and easier. We focus on machine tools solution, get your less consumption and more wealth.

Woodworking & CNC Tools Parts Store

Woodworking Cutters

Woodworking tools for CNC router, edgebanders, planners, beam saws, panel saws, etc

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CNC Milling Tools

CNC metal cutting tools for CNC milling machines, CNC lathe, CNC tapping, etc

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CNC Accessories

Tool holders, collets, nuts, spanners, toolholder tightening fixture

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A bulk of tools meet your different needs

RicoCNC is a trusted CNC woodworking tools with 10+ years of experience in creating tooling solutions for various cutting demands. Vast stock for fast delivery

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CNC Cutters Manufacturing Process

The CNC Cutters manufacturing process requires precision at every step to ensure that the CNC cutting tool meets the required specifications and provides optimum cutting performance. Material selection, heat treatment and coating options can vary depending on the CNC cutter tooling requirements of a particular application.
  • Design & Engineering: Design and create 3D models of CNC cutter tools, including shape and dimensions.
  • Material Preparation & Processing: Selecting the right material (high-speed steel (HSS), solid carbide(SC),  Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD)) and then cutting and heat treating it to enhance its properties.
  • Grinding & Shaping: The cutters for CNC machines are shaped and ground to their final dimensions and geometry using CNC grinding machines. This step ensures precise cutting edges and uniformity.
  • Quality Control & Coating: Perform quality control checks, including dimensional and hardness testing and surface quality checks. Where required, the tool is coated to improve performance.
  • Assembly and Packaging: If the CNC tool consists of multiple parts, assemble and package the final tool for sale.

CNC & Woodworking Tools Details

cnc router cutters

In the CNC industry or CNC woodworking market, there are some details and common knowledge points that we should know, such as CNC router bits, we also call CNC router tools, CNC router cutters, CNC routers, CNC engraving bits, router machine bits etc. At the same time, It is also categorised in a very large number of details:

  • Materials: high-speed steel (HSS), solid carbide(SC or TCT), Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD)…
  • Cut types: Up cut VS Down cut VS Compression cut VS Plunge Cut…
  • Tip shapes: Flat bottom bits, Ball nose bits, Conical bits, V bits, S bits, T slot bits, Cove box bits, Flycutter bits…
  • Applications: soft and hard wood, laminated boards, Plywood, MDF, Chipboard, foam and EVA, Acrylic, Plastics and Aluminum metal…

High Quality Cutter’s Benefits

There are many parts and technologies that make up a CNC machine, with the CNC cutter being its most critical tool for turning, planing, milling, grinding and other machining. Especially in applications that require high precision and efficiency, it is vital to choose a high-quality tool, which has several important benefits, including:
  • Higher accuracy and surface quality: Provides more precise cutting and smoother surfaces, thus improving the quality and accuracy of machined parts.
  • Increased productivity: allows for more efficient material removal, reducing machining time and increasing productivity, which is particularly beneficial in mass and batch production.
  • Longer service life: Typically high quality tools have better wear resistance and thermal stability, they are able to maintain consistent performance over a longer period of time, reducing the frequency of tool changes and lowering production costs.
  • Reduced machine maintenance and repairs: Reduced wear on the machine tool extends its life and reduces maintenance and repair costs.
  • Wider range of applications: Adaptable to different materials and applications, including wood, metal, plastics, etc., they are able to cope with a wide range of machining challenges.
cnc cutter bits

CNC Woodworking Tools Application

CNC woodworking tools widely used for furniture making, cabinet making, doors making, signs making, musical instruments making, crafts and art marking, mould making and prototyping, 3D status making, stair railing making, etc. Cut out 2D and 3D designs, panel sizing, and any routing applications on wood, acrylic, foam, composites, plastic, metal materials, etc.

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furniture maker client

Thank you for your very fast service all the time. The router bits arrived this morning and I have installed one and found it to be very good.
PARTS LOOOK GREAT. So, thank you very much. I really appreciate your service.

John Moyes / Custom Cabinet Maker
cnc workshop client

Your CNC nesting router bits have revolutionized my wood workshop. The precision and efficiency have saved me countless hours on each project. The quality is unmatched, and I’ve seen a significant boost in productivity. Thank you for providing such reliable tools!

Matt Stretton / CNC Workshop Owner
furniture designer client

I’ve been using your woodworking tools for over five years, and I can’t imagine my work without them. The accuracy and durability of your products have not only saved me time but also helped me create furniture pieces with intricate details. The cost-effectiveness and durability have significantly contributed to the success of my business. Thank you for being a trusted partner.

Henri Haime / Furniture Designer
Europe woodworking client

In the manufacturing industry, time is money. Your CNC tools have not only saved us valuable time in production but also contributed to cost savings. The durability of the tools has reduced downtime, making it a smart investment for our operations. It’s a pleasure working with tools that consistently deliver exceptional results. Highly recommended!

Jay Northcott / CNC Operator

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