Unlocking the Potential of Wood Cutters: A Comprehensive Guide to Precision Woodworking [2024]

Precision Woodworking Tools
For woodworking, there are many technology with different wood working machines. Different machine use different cutters for some specific result. How to achieve precision wooden objects? Wood cutters will be one of the most important factor. We will unlock the most popular woodworking cutters with you.

Woodworking router bits

Woodworking router bits

Wood routers are great tools for cutting joints, making duplicates from patterns, making decorative surface cuts, and more. The wood router is also one of the most valuable and versatile woodworking tools in your collection. Depending on the direction of cuts of the flutes, we can divide the bits into three categories: compression, downcut, and upcut. Flutes are nothing but the cutting edges of the tool, and they are available in 1 (Z=1+1), 2 (Z=2+2) and 3 flutes (Z=3+3). Distinguished by the shape of the cutter head, it can be called flat end, ballnose, conical bits and so on.
For example, for laminated chipboard cutting, we highly suggest:
Z=3+3 Cutting Edges High Feed Rate PCD Spiral Router Tool Bits
Wood lathe knives Woodturning cutters

Wood lathe knives (Woodturning cutters)

The wood turning tool is widely used in various machining operations such as cutting, sanding, knurling, drilling, deforming, facing and turning in woodworking, it is a single-edged tool. The material selection of CNC wood turning tool has an important impact on its cutting effect and service life, it is typically made up of carbide, alloy steel, high-speed steel. The woodturning tool for sale below is the best carbide cutter for woodturning lathe. its blade is made of excellent carbide (tungsten); the hardness is up to 91-91.5 HRC, and its durability is more than 10 times of high-speed steel (HSS).
If you are looking for turning tools in Alloy and HSS, please check RicoCNC 3 In 1 Alloy Steel CNC Woodturning Cutters and HSS V Cutter Lathe Knifes. Our CNC wood lathe cutters are widely used with CNC auto motion, cosen CNC, Intorex, Unique CNC, StyleCNC, Laguna, CNC auto motion, Intorex, AccTek, etc
Planer cutters for wood

Planer cutters & insert knives

When we are working on planer and jointer woodworking projects. Three types of cutterheads may be used: straight, helical, and spiral. Compared to the traditional straight cutterhead, our planer helical/spiral cutterhead has carbide insert knives or turnover knives mounted on the surface of the cutterhead in rows. Most of the planer cutters have four cutting edges. When one cutting edge becomes dull or damaged, simply rotate the cutter to replace it with a new cutting edge, reducing significant downtime.
According to the structure and movement characteristics of the planer tool, woodworking CNC planer knives also can be divided into two categories with bearings and without bearings.
circular saw blades

Saw blades

The more widely used saw blades in the woodworking industry are circular saw blades. They are available in three primary styles: rip, crosscut, and combination and the distinctions are based on tooth shape and grooves size. Tooth count of saw blades will dictate a blade’s suitability for various tasks. A table saw with a 10inch diameter 50 tooth combination blades would be suitable for ripping lumber. The thickness of teeth greatly influences blade durability. A professional blade has teeth 2.5-3 mm, a cheaper blade may have only 1-1.5 mm.
If you want to achieve perfect results when cutting wood, you should always choose saw blades with carbide and PCD teeth.
Woodworking tenon cutters

Tenon Cutterhead

Woodworking tenon cutters are widely used in a variety of wood product manufacturing fields, such as furniture manufacturing, flooring installation, door and window production, etc. There are 4 types of tenon styles: Elliptical Tenon, Rectangular Tenon, Round Tenon, and Miter Tenon.
Our adjustable Tenon cutting tool is specifically designed for tenon machines including Bacci, Balestrini, Pade and Greda. Available for use on single or double sided machines. It also can fit in double-end tenoners, operating speed is up to 10000rpm and excellent in making tenons from soft and hard wood. Tip body with alloy steel or super-hard aluminum alloy material to choose from. More details, please refer to RicoCNC Tenon Cutting Tool.
Wood grooving router bits

Grooving cutter Bits

Groove router bits are ideal for adding decorative detail to panels or lettering & sign making especially for woodworking furniture carving and upholstery. RicoCNC offers a large selection of groove cutting bits, including Chamfer bits, core box bits, T-slot bits, R Round bits, Ogee S nits, Bottom cleaning bits, etc.
wood drilling bits

Drilling Bits

Wood drilling bits are manufactured with high-grade tungsten carbide, to exacting tolerances, and are known for their longevity and cutting precision.
Our Brad Point drill is designed to cut blind holes and produce a clean edge on the top surface. And throughhole bit is good at to boring the hole through fast and clean.
edge bander cutters

Edgebander cutter

1. Pre-milling cutters:
This Premill cutter is suitable for working on chipboard panels, coated, laminated, veneered, M.D.F., it can be used on edge banding machines, Excellent finishing, low noisiness.
2. Strip cutters: for edge strips cutting
3. Trim cutters:
These milling heads are TCT/Carbide profile trimming cutters. They are one set of cutters, left side and right side, for panel trimming.
4. Scraper blades: It is reversible tip, the turnover knives HW with 2 cutting edges and radius, use for strip scrapping.
RicoCNC specializes in CNC and woodworking machinery troubleshooting, doing our best to quickly supply quality machine parts and tools to keep your machines running well.
If you like these wood cutters listed here or other customized cutters, please feel free to request a free quote.

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