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We know our clients well, precision and efficiency. Our engineers and sales team have an average of 10 years of experience. We go beyond being just a supplier; we are your dedicated partner in achieving excellent woodworking excellence. 
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RicoCNC is the wholesale agent for Tiger brand woodworking cutters, such as CNC router bits, handheld router bits, drilling bits, etc.

RicoCNC PCD diamond tools such as router bits, premilling cutters, trimming cutters, saw blades, inserts. Also can customize the cutters as per your needs.

Types of Woodworking Tools

CNC Router Bits

Straight Bits
Roundover Bits
Cove Bits
Chamfer Bits
Carving Bits
PCD router Bits

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Edgebander Cutters

Pre-mill cutter
Trim cutter
Jointer knives
Tracing Cutter

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Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blades
Table Saw Blades
Miter Saw Blades
Jigsaw Blades
Beam Saw Blades

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Get Your Suitable Woodworking Tools

With an overwhelming variety of woodworking tools (Joinery tools & carpentry tools) available in the realm of CNC woodworking, choosing the right cutting tools can make all the difference in terms of ensuring quality machining and productivity. Here are your custom selections:
The first thing is that the woodworking cutting tool is perfectly matched to your CNC machine. This involves not only a number of dimensions and interfaces, but also the type and speed of feed and other dynamic responses during operation. This ensures that the workpiece and the cutter tool will run smoothly on the machine. 
Additionally, consider the specific material of the workpiece. Different wood materials have different requirements for woodworking machine tools. For example, hardwoods such as oak need to be paired with more durable CNC cutting tools , while softwoods are more focused on the cutting efficiency of the tools for woodworking.  
Next is the woodworker tool specification & size . Ensure that the wood cutting tools you choose match the precision, depth and width of the intended cut. This involves the size, shape and design of the tool. Choosing the right tool specifications will avoid unnecessary machine wear and material wastage. 
Finally, the woodworking tool material has to be mentioned. In woodworking cutters selection, the material determines the durability, sharpness and workability of the wood cutting tools.  Conventional HSS performs superiorly in most standard woodworking tasks. However, carbide and diamond tools are suitable for high-intensity, continuous machining tasks due to their excellent wear resistance.
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Features that Make Best Quality Woodworking Tools

high quality TCT tungsten carbide

High performance material and design:

Regarding the materials used for woodworking tools, high carbon steel, solid carbide or diamonds are usually used to ensure the stability and durability of the tools during high speed machining. For the characteristics of CNC machine, the tools for woodworking are designed taking into account the optimal geometry, edge angles and flanks to ensure the best cutting performance and surface quality.

Titanium coating for wear resistance

Cutting efficiency and wear resistance:

Efficient cutting: the CNC woodworking cutter should have the ability to remove chips quickly to ensure efficiency and quality at high speeds. In ongoing processing, the cutter’s material hardness and the amount of internal carbides determine its wear resistance. Wood cutter tools with high wear resistance have a long service life and consistently efficient performance.

Heat resistance and dissipation design

Heat resistance and thermal conductivity:

In high-speed operations, the woodworking tool may generate a lot of heat due to friction, so it should have excellent heat resistance to ensure that it maintains its performance and form under the influence of heat. It should also have the ability to quickly conduct heat away from the cutting section without overheating from constant operation, ensuring optimum performance of the cutting tools in high-pressure working environments.

compatibility with all CNC machines

Perfect compatibility with CNC machine:

As CNC machine technology for woodworking continues to advance, wood cutting tools should be upgraded along with it, with new technologies and solutions continually being introduced to meet changing machining needs. Wood cutters design should consider the perfect fit with the CNC woodworking machines, whether in terms of interfaces, cooling systems or automatic tool changers.

Applications of the CNC Woodworking Router Bits

Basic Shape and Contour Cutting:
When making furniture, such as tables, chairs or cabinets, it is often necessary to cut wood in straight lines or specific shapes. For example, when creating a table top or cabinet drawer, a straight router cutter is ideal as it provides a clean, neat cut. Similarly, a straight router bit is indispensable when it is necessary to create inlays or joinery joints for workpieces.
Edges and Trim Finishes:
When you look at a well-crafted piece of furniture, such as a dining table, nightstand or bookshelf, you’ll notice that the edges and surfaces are beautifully decorated. Roundover router bits  can add smooth curves to the edges of furniture, while cove router Bits and chamfer router bits can add deep decorative details to door frames or furniture legs, enhancing the overall aesthetic.
Detailed Carving and Design:
Consider the ornate furniture displayed in old manor houses or museums with intricate patterns and relief carvings. These detailed designs were often done using a wood carving bits. Modern furniture or decorative items, such as carved doors or wall decorations, also rely on such knives to achieve precise and detailed designs.
Hard Wood Materials and Efficient Cutting:
The use of hard materials such as hardwood, laminate or MDF is common in industrial production environments, especially when mass producing furniture or other wood products. To ensure accurate and efficient cutting, as well as extended tool life, PCD or diamond cutter tools are preferred. For example, when cutting large quantities of laminates in a large furniture manufacturing plant, PCD tools ensure fast and long-lasting efficient cutting.
Applications of the CNC Woodworking Router Bits

Top 3 Common Use Woodworking Tools

best cnc router bits for wood

CNC Router Bits:

Custom Furniture Manufacturing: CNC Router Bits are used to carve beautiful patterns and decorations into wooden furniture, adding a unique design element to customized furniture.
Wooden Window and Door Manufacturing: Used to cut parts for window and door frames to ensure precise fit and appearance.
Engraving wooden signs and adverts: CNC Router Bits are used to cut text, patterns and company logos into wooden signs and advertising decorations to provide high quality wooden adverts.
Art and Sculpture: Used to create exquisite wood artwork and sculpture, enabling artists to realize intricate wood carving and engraving designs.

Wood cutting saw blades

Saw Blades:
Wood Cutting: Saw Blades are used to cut wood, slicing raw wood into desired sizes and shapes to provide raw material for furniture making, construction and decoration.
Flooring Manufacturing: Used to cut boards for wood flooring, ensuring that each piece has standard dimensions and smooth edges, improving the quality of the floor and the efficiency of the installation.
Structural wood fabrication: for cutting and machining wood structures such as beams, posts, roofing members, etc., to ensure that they comply with architectural design requirements.
Wood Art and Sculpture: Saw Blades can also be used to carve and cut wood art and sculpture, helping artists realize a variety of designs and details.

Edgebander tooling cutters

Edgebander Cutters:
Custom Furniture Manufacturing: Used to close the edges of furniture panels, providing a strong edgebanding that enhances the durability and aesthetics of the furniture.
Wooden Window and Door Manufacturing: Used to finish the edges of windows and doors when manufacturing wooden window and door frames and panels, ensuring that they have a smooth seal and a precise appearance.
Commercial and Office Furniture Manufacturing: Office and commercial furniture manufacturers use Edgebander Cutters to finish the edges of their furniture to ensure they are durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.
Hospitality and Catering Furniture: Used to finish the edges of furniture in venues such as hotels, restaurants and cafes, providing an easy-to-clean surface and keeping it looking fresh and sophisticated.

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Woodworking Tools FAQs

“CED(Cutting Edge Diameter)” means the blade diameter of the router bits.
“R” means the radius of the cutter bits.
“SHK(Shank)” means the shank diameter.
“CEL (Cutting Edge Length)” means the blade length.
“OVL (Overall)”means the overall length, total length( from top to bottom) of the route bit.
“T” means the flutes numbers.

router bits dimensions
router bits dimensions
1, Use a high precision collet to hold enough shank (Collet hold the shank to “K”) and clamp the cutter bit tightly. 
If your collet is rusted or has been used for a long time, please change a new high precision collet. (Precision <0.008mm is good)
2, Make sure the wood board has been hold tightly by vacuum suction system. 
Not move during machine cutting.
3, The cutter blade length should be 2-5mm longer than the board thickness.
4, Spindle speed over 18000rpm (18000-24000rpm). Feed rate about 10-12meters/min.
5, Usually clean the collets and nut.
6, When you change a new cutter, and found the old cutter shank have clamping stamp (abrasion), please change a new collet.
Usually the saw blade model is marked on the saw blade steel panel. For example 180*4.45/3.2*30 Z30
180: the outer diameter of the saw blade; 
4.45: the teeth height of the saw blade;
3.2: the thickness of the saw steel plate; 
30: the inner hole diameter of the saw blade;
Z30: the teeth quantities of the saw blade.
Yes, according to different types of tools, there are several aspects of care and maintenance methods:
1, Cleaning
2, Sharpening
3, Oiling
4, Storage
The care and maintenance of the tool is an important work, which can extend the service life of the tool and improve the processing quality and efficiency. 

Combine with the woodworking’s process, we clarify the below points of the wood cutters tooling.

1) Planing

You will use the planer tools during the planing process. the planer tools can make the wood smooth and remove excess material from wooden the material can enter into the next process successfully.

2) Cut the wood with Beam saw/ Panel saw

Beam saw are controlled by computer, it can be used in woodworking industry to cut the largest sheet of material. It usual cut plywood, MDF. here the key part is panel saw( circular saw blade). the comprehensive sizes saw blades are offered, material is carbide, it can cut MDF, chipboard, plywood etc.  Circular and Table Saw Blades can be Leuco, Dimar, LEITZ, AKE, Yotec, KWS, etc

3) Routing

You will use various router carving bits to finish different techniques, like shape, cutting, grooving, and trimming. typical example: cabinets and furniture!  Most of the CNC router bits can called end mill bits. this kind wood cutting bits is suitable for roughing and finishing, it can be used general machining,  shape, profiling and slotting.
There are various router bits in the market, we can use them according to their different function. the below are simple category.
  • Straight cutting bits: are used to make cuts or slots straight to form a groove or a hollow. common size: 3/16″ to 1-1/2″.
  • Plunge cutting bits and flute cutting bits: they engrave the side edge and bottom edge to engrave.
  • Ball nose & bull nose router carving bits are suitable for working on CNC  router machine, when complex patterns are requited, there is no doubt that ball nose&bull nose is the best choice for the intricate carving.
  • Major Spiral wood cutting bits : 
  1. Up-cut cutting bits: pull the chips and the force up. there up-cut router bit are suitable for cutting relatively thick materials.
  2. Down-cut cutting bits: pull the chips and force down, consider the chips will be down while working, it will induce the bits is easy to get warm, even get hot. it requires material of down-cut is better than up cut. 
  3. Compression cutting bits: chips and force doesn’t go up and doesn’t go down, it showing that the force from the top of the workpiece to press down. and the other force from the bottom of the workpiece to pull up. The complex combination let the workpiece get a perfect out shape.
  4. PCD cutting bits: it has lots of teeth on the side edges. like a corn, it is made up of the hardest material PCD, it can cut the hard workpiece, like printed circuit board, HDF, hard wood
  5. Drilling bits: this kind of bit work on the CNC router bits for drill a hole for fixing screw. so it can‘t work along the X-axis and Y-axis on the CNC router.
  • Other CNC irregular forming shape: Ogee S bits form a S shape; R round bits cut round edge; T slot bits form a T shape after cutting. 

4) Edgebander cutters

The edgebander is crucial to your furniture appearance, it can combine decretive edge with your wood edge or plywood edge. the glue and cutters are the key of the edgebanders. Machine tool accessories include straight and radius trimming cutters and their replacement inserts/scrape cutters, snip saws, and diamond (PCD) premill cutters.
  • PCD premilling cutters: common brand: Bieese, Homag etc. it consists of two counter-rotating cutterheads. sometimes it can be replaced by inserts premilling cutter which is more lighter.
  • Trimming cutters: it can trim the extra edgebanding waste material from the edges of the workpiece. to guarantee a smooth and perfect edge of the workpiece.we can offer various types trim cutter to supply you. 
  • Scraping Cutters: it is used to remove any extra adhesive from the edgebanding material. sure the scraping are all in different types, too.

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