Common Types of Drill Bits for Wood

Wood boring router bit

Wood drill bits are specialized tools used for drilling holes in wood, wood boards, wood blocks, wooden rods, and other wooden products. They are widely used in the production of panel furniture and for processing materials such as chipboard, plywood, melamine board, painted board, bamboo, and solid wood. 

wood drill bits

Wood boring router bits are commonly used in CNC drilling machines, bench drilling machines, hinge boring machines, and CNC machining centers. And the woodworking drill bits are mainly made of carbide, which offers excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. Now let’s explore some common types of carbide drill bits for wood drilling machines.

  • Through Hole Drill Bits: also known as V point drill bits, are designed to drill completely through a workpiece. They typically have a sharp point at the tip.Through Hole Drill Bits
  • Brad Point Drill Bits, also known as blind hole drill bits, feature a sharp center point and spurs on the sides. This drill bit does not require drilling through the wood board, so the requirements for the drill bit are not so high. They can be used for soft and hard wood.Brad Point Drill Bits
  •  Hinge Hole Boring Bits, also known as four-edge drill bits, similar to forstner drill bits, are specifically designed for boring holes for hinges in woodworking projects. These carbide-tipped drill bits often feature four cutting edges for efficient and precise hole drilling.Hinge Hole Boring Bits

Through-hole and blind-hole boring bits can be further divided into four types according to the carbide quality:

  • Double Edge Carbide Tipped Drill Bit
  • Crown Drill (Overall Tungsten Carbide Tip) Bit
  • TCT Crown Brad Point Boring Bit
  • TCT Through Hole Boring Bit
  • carbide drill bits

According to the flutes, blind hole drill bits can be divided into:

  • 2 flute drill bits
  • 3 flute drill bits

V point drill bits

Among them, 3-flute boring bits have the better effect.

Other special-purpose wood drill bits include:

  1. Step Drill Bit (2-stage drill bits): are primarily used for machining complex hole parts. They can create a stepped hole in one step, eliminating the need to change the diameter of the drill bit or drill positioning holes. This makes them suitable for various drilling needs in machining.Step Drill Bit
  2. Extended Drill Bit: commonly available in lengths of 57mm and 70mm, can also be manufactured in lengths of 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, and 120mm.

extended drill bits

Drill bits can be categorized as right-hand or left-hand router bits based on their direction of rotation. When buying drill bits for wood, it’s important to pay attention to this detail to ensure you get the correct type for your needs.

blind hole drill bits

The shank diameter of metric drill bits is generally 10mm, and the bit diameter is directly related to the size of the hole diameter. There are many drill bit sizes available, ranging from small to large, for drilling holes of various sizes in wood.

drill bits

Drill bits come in different types and sizes, each designed for specific machining needs. Understanding the differences can help you choose the right one for your project. I hope this simple drill bits guide is helpful to you.

four edge drill bits

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