Top 10 Suppliers of CNC Router Bits Australia

Adam’s Bits – Features a comprehensive range of CNC router bits, including up cut, down cut, straight flute, spiral flute, compression clute, and other woodworking tools, catering to both professionals and hobbyists.

Timbecon Pty Ltd– Offers a wide selection of CNC router bits and other woodworking tools and accessories. It is an online shop store selling different CNC cutting tools. They have multiple locations across Australia and are known for their quality products and customer service.  

Panel Tools- supplies a wide range of CNC router bits for precision work and high-volume commercial applications. The router bits are capable of handling everything from small-scale work and complex shaping processes to demanding production requirements.

FoxAlien- provides the most commonly used CNC Router bits in the market. They are compatible with CNC Router 3018/3018PRO, Carvey CNC, X-Carve CNC, and Shapeoko.

BG Precision- specializes in CNC systems in Australia from CNC Routing machines to CNC milling machines and a range of CNC router bits.  

CNC compression cutter

Router Bits Direct– offers a variety of carbide router bits for cutting Aluminium & Aluminium Composites, Steel, Iron, Copper, Plastics, & Wood. They are known for their high-quality products and extensive selection.

SpiralX Tools – Known for their high-performance spiral tools designed to cut faster and last longer. They offer a variety of tools and accessories for CNC machines.

Carbatec – Supplies a comprehensive range of CNC routers and accessories. They are known for their customer service and extensive product offerings, including special order items​ 

Wood Tech – Offers INDUSTRIAL MACHINES tooling and accessories. They have a comprehensive catalog of CNC router bits, including compression spirals and mortise bits. 

Multicam Systems– Specializes in CNC flat bed routers and routing machines and CNC bits for various industries, including woodworking, metal, and engraving. They are 100% Australian-owned and manufacture their machines locally.

pcd toolings

RicoCNC is a trusted online store specializing in CNC router bits. Since 2016, we have been serving the Australian market with dedication and reliability. Our customers typically receive their orders within one week, ensuring swift and efficient service. We pride ourselves on offering top-quality, cost-effective CNC tools that meet the different needs of our clients. As a reliable supplier, we are committed to providing the highest quality CNC cutters, tailored to the specific requirements of our Australian customers.

Based on our experience, the following seven types of bits are particularly popular in Australia:

  1. PCD diamond router bits
  2. Edgebander pre-milling cutter head
  3. CNC router bit for Aluminum
  4. CNC router bit for Acrylic
  5. Carbide 2-edge Compression Cutters
  6. TCT router bits
  7. Solid Carbide Chipbreaker Router Bits

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.

TCT router bits

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