A Complete Guide & List Introduction about Spring ER Collet in 2023 

In the CNC machining or turning center industry, there are many different types of CNC collets.

What are the types of tool collets currently on the CNC market? Including: 

  • ER & DR &BR & ESX &VSAC collets: Standard sizes are ER8, ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25, ER32, ER40, and ER50.
  • SK & SD collets–SK6A/AA, SK10A/AA, SK13A/AA, and SK16A/AA.
  • OZ & EOC & RDO & SYOZ collets: OZ16, OZ25, OZ32. Mainly used in woodworking routers & EU systems.
  • TG & RDG collets: TG75, TG100, TG50. Applied to drilling, milling, coolant through, and rigid tapping.
  • DA & RDA collets: The are recommended for drilling which are designed to clamp well on slightly uneven surfaces such as jobbers or taper length type drills.
  • AF & RDF collets: RDF25, RDF38, RDF50, RDF75, and RDF100.
  • R8 collets: Common metalworking industry-standard designs, internally threaded for mills.
  • 5C collets: Common metalworking industry-standard designs, usually externally threaded for lathes.

For beginners might ask:What is a CNC ER collet? How is it defined?

cnc collet

Spring ER collet, also known as ER collet, which is the most widely used in toolholding & clamping system. It is a kind of drilling and milling chuck mounted on the drilling & milling machine that forms a collar around a cutter tool (such as an end mill or drill bit). It can create a strong clamping force on the object when tightened.

What are main parameters for ER tool collet

The three main parameters of the CNC collets are accuracy, clamping force and clamping range.

  • Accuracy: To control the T.I.R. of the toolholder shank tool to ensure the accuracy of the machined hole.
  • Clamping force: To ensure that the clamped shank tool does not slip, preventing the shank tool from slipping and failing to work.
  • Clamping range: To control the Min and Max diameter of the collet clamping tool in order to meet the work requirements.

What are the dimensions & size of the ER colleting system?

Standard ER collets are available in 8 sizes range:

ER spring collets standard size

Metric Size

Model No.DLdWeight (kg)

Inch Size

Model No.DLdWeight (kg)

What machining projects can the machine spring collet be used for?

  • CNC Drilling
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Boring
  • CNC Reaming
  • CNC Rigid Tapping
  • CNC Tapping (with Length Compensation)
  • CNC Coolant Through
  • CNC High Precision Grinding
  • CNC External Coolant Through

How are ER collets inserted and released correctly?

  • Insertion: The ER collet is first inserted into the nut at an angle to engage the withdrawal tongue in the collet slot. Then screw the collet nut onto the collet seat with the collet firmly in the collet nut. Finally insert the tool to be clamped and lock the collet nut.
  • Release: The nut is first held in a vertical position and then removed at an angle. Then when loosening the collet nut, the collet is automatically withdrawn from the chuck through the eccentric ring of the nut. And it is done.

What notes should we take when using an ER collet?

  • ER Collets must be tightened correctly.
  • The ER shank, collet and collet nut must be thoroughly cleaned before assembling to maintain accuracy.
  • Once assembled, a normal machining environment will not affect the ER tool holding assembly. The ER collet must be installed into the collet nut before engagement with the collet shank to ensure the ER collet is seated into the concave angle of the nut.
  • Never try to install a cutting tool with a larger shank than the maximum or nominal diameter of the collet to expand the collet.

What are the features of the ER Collet System from RicoCNC.com?

  • High Accuracy. 16 slots for rigid clamping and extra concentricity.
  • Wide Clamping Range. For fewer changes and a low cost per set that covers a continuous range of sizes.
  • Versatility. Interchangeable with ER and ESX type collets.
  • Ideal for Tool Extensions. High accuracy for long-reach applications.
  • Multiple Applications. Same collets can be used for drilling, milling, tapping and reaming.
  • Precision Manufacturing. High grade spring steel is hardened and precision ground, with
  • 100% quality inspection.
  • Long Life. Exceeding that of other collet styles.

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